Dear Guests,

Before Covid 19 came along our property was well known as a very clean place to stay. (Check out our scores for cleanliness over the last 4 years - its 10 out of 10!!!- Hard to improve on that!)  While there is a dangerous pandemic we have stepped things up a bit........ the seats, tables, kitchen, walls, doors and handles have always been cleaned. 


We now use Ethanol to clean the units.  We want to remain Organic and non-toxic to you while keeping your apartment super clean and safe.  The mats in the bathroom are cleaned both sides between guests to protect you


We used to have a good supply of Q-tips, cotton balls and consumables in the kitchen.  The supply of consumables will be new for each guest.  Tea bags, coffee, sugar will be thrown out if not finished.  As we hate waste of Fair Trade consumables there will be enough for your stay.  If you finish something we will refill when we pop in to service your apartment each day.


In keeping with Covid 19 cleaning guidelines the hand wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are Organic in pump bottles which we now clean each day with ethanol..


We have always washed your sheets one at a time to keep them tip top clean. Pillow cases separate.  All pillows and mattresses have covers that are inspected every time the bad is remade.  Your towels have gone through high temperature wash.

We supply hand sanitizer for you to use as you enter the apartment.


If you can think of something that we can do to clean better please let us know.


We hope that your journey to your apartment is a pleasant and look forward to meeting you in person.