About the owner/ managers

The “mature” live in property owners are very well travelled and love to meet people from other parts of New Zealand and all over the world.

 The hostess of Westridge Dales Apartments, Claire loves to socialize and will happily practice her Mandarin. She is a great Mum, cook, confidante and is usually reading a bunch of non-fiction books or watching documentaries. 

The Host, Colin, says he is only conversant in English, Kiwi and American although he can speak a little Spanish, French and German but probably won't understand any replies! He runs his own business and can mostly be seen around the property tending his extensive organic vegetable and fruit garden.

AAAA lovely happy couple.jpg

To ensure the guests can enjoy the quiet serenity of the area Colin mostly uses manual or battery operated gardening tools on the property and any fruit or vegetables that are abundant are cheerfully offerred to guests. Depending on the season he grows blueberries, passionfruit, oranges, grapefruit, feijoas, globe artichoke, jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, apricot yams, pumpkin, blackberries, strawberries and more.